What Crowd Funding Site is Best for You?

By Chris Wallace, You have the idea, you have the drive; all you’re missing is the money. Whether you want to make the next hit indie film, rock album or to raise funds for a non-profit, online crowd funding can be a great way to back your project. How Crowd funding Works Donation-based crowd fundraising rewards those who give money with some sort of perk such as a shout-out by the artist, a spot as an extra in a film, an autographed picture or a first edition of a new product. There are typically various tiers of donations with different incentives. This model is the most common and how online crowd funding began, although investment crowd funding has recently begun to build steam. Here are some ways to tell which sites would work best for you, depending on your project. Crowdfunding for creative projects Kickstarter was one of the first sites for crowd funding and is focused heavily on the arts and new tech gadgets. Indiegogo is also a good place for albums, movies or any other creative endeavors but also allows crowd backing for other ventures. RocketHub allows an artist seeking financial backing to connect with marketing and promotion partners […]

What Crowd Funding Site is Best for You?: CrowdFund Beat.

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