White label crowdfunding with an IRA


[text_style size=”18px” line_height=”20px” color=”#545454″]Just as the JOBS Act of 2012 paved the way for the growth of white label crowdfunding, the self-directed IRA expands the number of investors to over 47 million IRA holders. Just as the self-directed IRA allows individuals to hold hard, alternative assets in their IRAs, it also allows investors to participate in crowdfunding efforts of many different varieties.[/text_style]

[text_style size=”18px” line_height=”20px” color=”#545454″]It is through education in the form of articles, blogs, industry conferences and e-books that investors are learning they can use retirement funds to access and achieve true diversification and achieve the alpha return available in white label crowdfunding. While there is no official mantra for self-directed IRAs in the crowdfunding world, it would probably be something on the order of “you better know your crowdfunding investment opportunities better than your investment adviser knows Wall Street.” As always, one must follow and practice due diligence, allocation and diversification.[/text_style]

[text_style size=”18px” line_height=”20px” color=”#545454″]We offer an add-on module to allow investors to make their crowdfunding investment through a self-directed IRA. Our partner provider also allows other IRA and 401K rollovers as well. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about this unique service.[/text_style]

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