[text_style size=”18px” line_height=”20px” color=”#545454″]We began our journey as CrowdForce in 2011, with a handful of other providers, by developing a donations white label crowdfunding platform software under the CrowdForce label for a rapidly expanding market. By 2013 a cottage industry had arisen, with many new providers on the landscape.[/text_style]

[text_style size=”18px” line_height=”20px” color=”#545454″]In 2013, our focus changed to specialize in the growing real estate crowd investing market. In 2014, with the Jobs Act Title III legislation still pending, we decided to also start serving the growing list of individual states who were writing their own rules for equity crowdfunding.[/text_style]

What is our position in the market?

[text_style size=”20px” line_height=”” color=”#ce0027″]”the power of the crowd”[/text_style]

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We are proud to be one of the innovators in white label crowdfunding platform software that helped provide solutions to the many entrepreneurs with great ideas on how to utilize crowdfunding.

Our business will be here in the future to provide your company with services you can rely on, and innovative new features as crowdfunding grows.

Partnership discussions are always welcome as we move forward, we value the “power of the crowd” in our business relationships as well.

We look forward to long fruitful relationships with all our clients, and the economic landscape changes toward a more equal and beneficial one.




[text_style size=”12px” line_height=”” color=””]Greg Gombert, Founder, CEO[/text_style]