What is white label crowdfunding software?

Different than third-party applications, white label crowdfunding software comes with no branding. This means you can work with us to customize it with your own logo and theme to display your branding. You can then offer the product to your customers as part of your business model In the case of crowdfunding software, this means you may operate the website and manage Issuers and Investors as they connect to fulfill crowdfunding deals.

What should I look for in a white label crowdfunding software?

Software to power crowdfunding portals is intended to give you a cost effective solution, saving up to $200k, over building from scratch. By subscribing to a white label crowdfunding software provider, you can have your initial draft website up and running within 48 hours with CrowdForce, as opposed to 12 months. This gives you plenty of time to take advantage of our training, to get up to speed on all the rich controls to manage your website. You should look for the the following features:

Level of security:
Remember you are providing a service for SEC regulated investments for Issuers and Investors, and security is the highest priority. For example, CrowdForce provides individual dedicated servers for all our clients, including PCI Level I security (bank level) SSL certificates, 24/7 monitoring and daily backups for your data.

Document online signing and archiving:
You will need a fully integrated system for investment documents to be signed and stored online for your broker and FINRA audits. CrowdForce includes this with all our white label crowdfunding software websites.

Not all features are equal. We ensure you have any necessary features for completing online crowdfunding deals, while not including additional features that we’ve seen in some competitors’ solutions – a lot of “bling” but not necessary to complete crowdfunding successfully. We always operate as a “lean” software. meaning we launch our new versions with a minimal feature set, and work rapidly upon launch to roll in the EXACT features our customers are looking for. Examples may be powerpoint pitch decks for equity raises, and video presentation for real estate fundraising.

This is the most crucial part of any white label crowdfunding software. We’re talking about investments from accredited investors averaging $20,000 each. Our ACH provider is one of the most secure in the country, selected by the U.S. Department of Treasury for its payments. Investor vetting BSA and AML checks included. Learn more.

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