Why is Crowdfunding the Next Big Thing?

Gary Spirer, with David Drake; Early-stage equity expert David Drake caught up with Gary Spirer, author of “Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing,” to discuss the new SEC law 506(c) and the opportunities the open advertising of deals brings to issuers and investors. Gary Spirer is an entrepreneur, a crowdfunding expert, and the author of “Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing.” He is also the founder of, a dynamic interactive marketing- solution firm that rapidly produces and deploys video surveys, quizzes, and automated webinars that enable marketers to discover customer intentions and reactions in real time and provide relevant content and offers. Our discussion went something like this: David: What are your views on the new SEC law 506(c)? Gary: The SEC voted in favor of the JOBS Act section 201(a), which does away with the ban on general solicitation. The lifting of the ban allows venture capitalists, hedge funds and early stage companies to advertise openly in various media to raise money in private offerings. Before the ban, communications about their offerings had to be private, relying on just word of mouth and networking. Now, the ability to market and advertise private offerings will make it easier for companies to raise […]

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