Why would a company like Coca-Cola get into crowdfunding?

The UpTake: Big corporations are waking up to the fact that crowdfunding isn’t just an effective tool for startups and small projects. But they’re not using crowdfunding to raise money—they’re doing it to help their communities, their employees and their public image. Hear the word “crowdfunding” and chances are you automatically think of a startup trying to raise money for a product launch or an artist trying to scrape up enough dough to finish a movie or an album. You probably don’t think of Fortune 500 companies and their millions, if not billions, in revenues. But as Alon Goren, the co-founder and CEO of, explains, big companies are becoming more and more intrigued with crowdfunding, but for different reasons than entrepreneurs and creative types. Goren, whose company builds crowdfunding platforms for third parties, stopped by the Upstart Business Journal this morning to talk about this twist on crowdfunding. “For them, it’s not about the money,” Goren told me soon after he arrived in New York, where he’s taking part in the two-day Massolution conference on crowd powered business. “It’s a vehicle to get into innovation or experimentation or to seek validation.”, based in Santa Monica, California, works with […]

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