YouTube Launches Crowdfunding Platform TubeStart

Crowdfunding is officially big news, and YouTube have gotten in on the act with TubeStart, a platform that lets users subscribe to projects and creators to get support and revenue for their ventures. Creators will thus be able to run rewards campaigns, with ongoing revenue driven by subscription-based campaigns. This is different from the traditional way of crowdfunding (a la Kickstarter etc.), which only pays out to creators once their target amount is met. Founder and CEO of TubeStart, Josef Holm, says: “subscription-based crowdfunding — where viewers can subscribe for as little as $5 per month — provides the best, most sustainable production and funding model available. “With digital media already changing the traditional entertainment production and distribution processes, anyone with a little know-how and a good idea can become a YouTuber with subscription-based crowdfunding.” TubeStart is available to users in the US, Canada and Europe, where they can start traditional crowdfunding campaigns between $500 and $500,000 or subscription-based campaigns for between $5 and $150 a month. (Source: Net News Check) Link:

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