Choosing a Niche for Your Crowdfunding Site

It’s an exciting time for crowdfunding. The ability to buy a crowdfunding platform like CrowdForce and then create your own crowdfunding site is a big deal. But while it might seem like the crowdfunding field is wide open, there are already hundreds of crowdfunding sites online right now. The best way to stand out from that crowd is to specialize and find a good crowdfunding niche.

If you need an example of just how many crowdfunding sites already exist, take a visit over to the Directory of Sites. It’s a list of more than a thousand crowdfunding sites and related websites, platforms and resources. Already many of the smarter sites have chosen specific crowdfunding niches in order to set themselves apart from the pack.

Even mammoth crowdfunding destinations like Indiegogo and Kickstarter do not take every project that comes their way. They only accept sites that fit with their profile, like the way Kickstarter only takes creative projects and projects that have specific start and end dates. If these crowdfunding Goliaths have decided to narrow their listings, smaller sites should consider going a few steps further in order to compete.

Some Ideas for Your Crowdfunding Niche

To give you some ideas on how other crowdfunding site owners are choosing to specialize, here’s a list of some of the more popular niches, and some that are a bit more far afield.

Just for charities and causes: HelpersUnite
Just for medical crises: Giveforward
Just for games: IndieGameStand
Just for sport-related projects: Sportfunder
Just for advertising campaigns: Adbacker and Adhack
Just for apps: Appbackr
Just for women: CrowdfundingLive
Just for journalism:
Just for book writers: Authr
Just for t-shirts: Teespring

Geographic Niches

You do not have to specialize just within a subject area. How about picking a geographic niche, like your city? Even a cities as small as 70,000 people have over a dozen projects on Kickstarter at any given time. Larger metropolitan cities could easily support a crowdfunding site dedicated to them.

Sticking to a city will make your marketing efforts much easier. It will also make your search engine optimization goals much more attainable – you’ll be moving out of the super-competitive national view down to just doing a local search campaign.

If you need some inspiration, head over to, where Alexandrians promote new ideas and support projects to develop their city.

Industry Niches

This is a great way to leverage an existing community (an industry) to bring people together to support each other and the industry itself. There are plenty of crowdfunding sites out there already for different crowdfunding niches within the arts, like filmmaking, or comics, but what about something a bit more on the business side, like a niche crowdfunding site for doctors, or architects, or even physical therapists?

Working within an industry means you will already have some communication channels available through industry groups, magazines and events. Creating a crowdfunding site just for your industry is an ideal way use the ties of an existing group to make your crowdfunding business even more successful.

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