Illawarra creatives turn to crowd funding for projects

The success and failure of creative projects no longer relies on shaky promises of government funding or corporate sponsorship, as Illawarra creatives turn to new technology to get their projects off the ground. It is called crowd funding, and thousands of artists, filmmakers, inventors and entrepreneurs are raising much-needed coin for their ambitions. Websites like Pozible, Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow people to share their ideas and aims, and ask for donations. “We can’t always generate enough money ourselves, so we call on the community and invite them to contribute to our same passion,” said assistant manager of Chaplin Arts, Victoria Standing. A Wollongong-based performing arts and creative space, Chaplin Arts is currently running a Pozible campaign to raise $3000 to expand their services. “It’s to pay for staff, our studio space, buy better equipment and instruments for students. Basically to let us do more from the studio,” Ms Standing said. Chaplin Arts is one of many in the Illawarra turning to this new way of funding creative ideas. Kangaroo Valley’s Peter Botsman is one of the most successful, raising more than $30,000 to fund his documentary ‘Noomool: the Aubrey Tigan Story,’ about an indigenous pearl shell carver from the Kimberley […]

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