Interview with Tile Founders about Crowdfunding $1,000,000 for social good device – HackThings

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth LE radio that you can attach to anything. It’s not the first to do this, but it’s very small, very elegant, inexpensive and it comes with two key differentiators. First, it lasts a year and there’s no need (or ability) to change the batteries. You just exchange them for new Tiles at the end of the year. Second, Tile taps the community of Tile app users to create a kind of universal lost and found. If any device running the Tile app happens across a Tile that’s been marked as lost, it will automatically (and anonymously) notify the lost Tile’s owner of its current location. Pretty cool. We lose our keys and phones constantly in my family, so something like Tile solves a very real problem. If their Selfstarter crowdfunding success is any indicator we’re not the only ones. The campaign started on June 20th and they’ve raised over $1.2 million so far, with less than a week to go. We interviewed Tile founders Nick Evans and Mike Farley to learn more about their product and their crowdfunding campaign. Hack Things: Can you tell us a bit about what Tile does and what makes it special? Tile: We invented Tile to make people’s […]

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