Live Interview 3:00 p.m PST

Devin Thorpe, a Forbes Contributor, will interview entrepreneurs Michael Zakarin, Jared Kleinert, and Grace Garey about their efforts to Crowdfund for Social Good.  Synergi.St: Jared Kleinert is a 17 year old tech entrepreneur who has worked for two start-ups in San Francisco: Grockit and 15Five. At Grockit, he helped develop a product called that raised $20 million shortly after he left, and he still works at 15Five, a hot B2B start-up that raised $1 million in January. Jared been an entrepreneur since 15, and now has a start-up called Synergist, which is a crowdsourcing site for social entrepreneurs to create, collaborate on, and share their movements and enterprises. They are currently in a industry first campaign at the intersection of crowdsourcing and social good to raise money ourselves using our own platform. Forbes recently named Jared as “The Definition of a Social Entrepreneur”. Watsi: Grace directs marketing at Watsi. Before Watsi, Grace worked at Kiva, where she designed, launched, and marketed the organization’s first education and student outreach program. She also helped build a system to streamline global operations with Kiva’s 146 field partners in 62 countries. Previously, Grace worked with the International Rescue Committee, one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, on its public relations […]

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