Wearables the star at San Francisco conference

By Robert Mullins Sr. Staff Writer CrowdFundBeat Evidence that the wearable computers space is quickly gaining traction was on display at the Glazed Conference in San Francisco Sept. 30 that drew makers of smart watches, smart phones, music players, health and fitness devices and an abundance of people wearing Google Glass. Attendees learned about how a rush of startups is getting into the wearable computers space, many of which interact with existing smartphones, and about how crowdfunding is helping many of these startups get off the ground. The first ever Glazed Conference was hosted by Stained Glass Labs, a startup incubator focused on wearable computer makers. Among the companies represented were makers of wearables targeted at the health and fitness market, gaming, health care, augmented reality and smartwatches that link with a user’s smartphone. The event was also dubbed the Glass and Wearable Platforms conference as a nod to the coming Google Glass device that interacts with someone’s Android device. At least 20 people at the conference were spotted wearing the hot new device, which was sold to a few beta users by Google in advance of the wider release of the product sometime in 2014. And since many […]

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