If you are a licensed real estate broker or SEC registered equity crowdfunding portal owner, we’re here to help you get through the planning, building and launch phases of your real estate crowdfunding website. All our products offer a secure and interactive environment for investors and issuers to connect and exchange information about deals. Our pre-built crowdfunding engine facilitates a much quicker launch time, than building from the ground up. We assist with setup and configuration, and can custom code any specialized feature you may need.

Advanced analytics and metrics help your investors track financials on your portal, and help you stay compliant and reconciled. All data is permanently archived, according to crowdfunding industry best practices. Our robust platform offers investors the opportunity to interact before, during and after an offering is completed. If you are a nonprofit or business person with a vision for a crowdfunding platform, our standard fundraising software has been the #1 choice since 2011, to quickly launch and customize your crowdfunding software platform.

Feature Set:

Best of breed infrastructure…
  • Our secure hosting environment meets industry best practices;
  • PCI and SSL secure environment;
  • Peace of mind with customer data;
  • Closest to 100% uptime available;
  • Dedicated server in our cloud.
Compliance and payments…
  • Simply plug in your broker to handle compliance;
  • Plug in your preferred escrow account for each offering;
  • Easy ACH payments with bank transfer available.
Many ways to share campaigns…
  • More ways to go viral and share campaigns;
  • Advanced ways to get the word out to investors;
  • Offline campaign marketing solutions integrated;
  • Higher potential success for your users.
Plus all these features…
  • Customize deals for real estate raises;
  • Robust Admin features;
  • Add on custom design and branding;
  • Advanced analytics and investor tracking;
  • Interactive investor CRM;
  • Secure documents e-signing and storage;
  • Online payments module for ACH, bank transfer payments and disbursements;
  • Extensive social sharing 90 networks and email lists;
  • Single-user robust Admin panel, charts, and tutorials;
  • Unlimited campaigns, unlimited end-users;
  • Unlimited additional media galleries;
  • Investors self-accreditation tracking;
  • State residency verification tracking;
  • 200 e-signed documents monthly, only $1 each thereafter;
  • Low per transaction online payment fees;
  • Use your own domain and emails;
  • Investor Q & A;
  • Separate permission for accredited investors and non-accredited guests;
  • Website installed and setup
  • Customer Care and Account Manager.
  • Self-directed IRA module to invest via IRA, able to roll over existing IRA or 401K;
  • Live chat module, we handle your investor questions related to operation;
  • WordPress blog.